Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny Frankie

This morning I went to get something in my Mom and Dads bathroom. Our big washing machine is connected to the shower, where all the water from the washing machine is let out into the shower, anyway, Frankie and George followed me in (they follow me everywhere). The water from the machine was being emptied into the shower. It was swirling and swirling around. I called Frankie to have a look at it. He came over and just jumped right in. He ran around and around, sloshing in the water. It really was sooo funny! He jumped back out and ran off down the passage with me chasing after him with a towel. hehe a good laugh! :)


a corgi said...

that does sound funny! Our corgi, Koda, avoids water like the plaque, but I was reading on another person's blog with a corgi how their corgi jumped into a man-made lake they were at; I can't see Koda doing either of these things

But I bet this was fun to see Frankie do!

hope you have a great day


brian said...

Hahaha Frankie is so hilarious! Lol.

brian said...

Oh wow! Pink! Looks awesome.