Sunday, February 22, 2009

A priceless photo!

Frankie got stuck between the couch and our window and when he moved, his lips got stuck against the glass. He could get out if he wanted to but he seemed to enjoy just sitting like that hehe! I love this photo!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The things Frankie and Georgie chewed up when they were puppies

  • My ear phones
  • My HB Pencils
  • My venus Fly Trap
  • My Bed
  • My slippers
  • My new sandals
  • My Paintings
    My make up brush
  • The rug in the lounge
  • The rug in my room
  • My wooden chair
  • A board Game
  • Their poop (ugh)

And believe it or not most, if not all, of these items were out of their reach (so i thought) hehehe. I'm just glad they didn't get sick. Georgie vomited up the board game counters and the pieces of my HB pencils! LOL.